Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation has long been a passion of mine, which really got kicked up when I first got introduced to Flash for making interactive projects, since it's also a great animation tool.  The more complex my animation got, the more I started using After Effects to assemble the scenes, which may have helped me land my first television motion graphics job.

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Sun Sports


Sun Sports is one of my newer clients and as such, Ive only done a few small jobs for them so far, but just to have some real official television motion graphics...

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Pier Productions


I've provided animation for a number of jobs with my video producer friends at Pier Productions, including web videos, music videos, explainer videos, and more!

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For a while there, I was enjoying making ecards for a now defunct online greeting card company called HDgreetings.  They had a cool technology that allowed users to upload a photo of themselves and then let the animator do all sorts of fun things with it, like in the clip here where a blue guy walks past a framed photo hanging on the wall.

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Want more?  There's a lot more animation to look at over on my animation blog at

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