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It was around 2006 that I had my first interaction with a company that makes gameshows, and we've been working together ever since.  Not shows for television mind you, but for sale to the kind of people who host big time corporate events with all of the glitz and glamor of a TV show, just without the TV cameras.  Plus we've made custom gameshows for cruise lines, and custom one-off events for casinos.  For these, I generally do all of the graphics as well as the programming, and sometimes a little animation too.

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$100,000 Money Grab


Yes, it was a rip-off of a short-lived TV show, but this was a fun one.  Originally designed for five screens (plus the operator screen), and later redesigned for a 5x3 video wall as I've simulated in the slideshow here.  In this game, the contestants piled real money on top of the boxes in front of the monitors that they believed had the right answer, or more than one box if they were unsure.  Then the operator would reveal the wrong answers while the contestant's money dropped into the box and was lost.  The software had to interact with the device that controlled the trap door lids, and also with scales underneath each box, so that it could judge how many bundles of bills were piled on each one.

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Family Fusion


A game show, or really a collection of games combined into one big show, for the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.  In this case, all of the visuals were provided by another vendor, but it was still a big, complex project because each of the four player podiums had it's own computer inside which all had to communicate with the operator's computer in the back of the room to keep everything in sync.  And one of the podiums also contained a video switcher so the operator could throw any of the player's screens up onto the screens built in to the venue.  The highlight was an arcade style game where the players had to sort clothes by dragging them into different laundry baskets.  Fun!

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Word Play


Sure, it looks a lot like Wheel of Fortune, only without the wheel.  We just used a funky-looking random point value generator.  And without the wheel, it's really just Hangman with points, right?  Like most of our games, it was designed to be played with proprietary player podiums for each player with the standard hit buttons, microphones, and score displays.



We've created a bunch of custom one-off events for casinos that just play for a few weekends in a row, and  that's it, sometimes themed to a holiday, sometimes pirates or jungles.

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Of course, there's been many other games as well, some that may seem familiar to you, and some completely unique...

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