Interactive Exhibits

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work on many touch-screen interactive kiosks for museums and other attractions.  Typically, I'll be responsible for all of the programming, while working with a small team of other artists and animators to provide the visuals.  Below are some of the more notable projects I've worked on in that arena.

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Seabase Alpha


This massively deep touch-screen program that appeared on kiosks scattered throughout the Living Seas attraction in Epcot.  The program featured information on every exhibit within the attraction, plus information on every type of fish that could be seen in the aquarium, information about the dolphin program they had, information about the Earth's oceans and tides, puzzles, games, videos and a whole lot more!

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Vision House Challenge


This touch-screen in Innoventions in Epcot challenged guests to  find all of the items in and around the house that could be made "greener", or more energy-efficient.  The game was available to play in any of six languages, and allowed the guest to email a certificate home to themselves.  An animated dog guided the user and reacted humorously to certain choices.

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National Museum of Crime & Punishment


I programmed twelve distinct interactive exhibits throughout this multi-story attraction.  One featured a fingerprint reader and printer that would print out a fake arrest record for the guests with their actual fingerprint on it.  Another featured Hollywood movie clips, and there were many trivia question type games, each with clever sound effects and animations for correct and wrong answers as well as a score display at the end.

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Planet Penguin


This kiosk is featured in the penguin exhibit of the New England Aquarium.  In addition to providing general information of the different types of penguin species found throughout the world, it also gives information about the specific individual penguins you might see on your visit there.

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Other kiosk I've had the pleasure of working on include the Honeywell Energy Exhibit in Honeywell's headquarters in DC, the Stampeder Stations in the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, the Trivia Challenge in the Daytona 500 Experience, and the Wrap It Up kiosks in the Crayola Experiece.

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