Computer Based Training

In 2002, I first started working with the folks at i.d.e.a.s. at the (then) Disney-MGM Studios.  Over the next 5+ years, we worked together on many, many computer based training programs (plus a bunch of other stuff too).

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Essentials of Modeling and Simulation


More affectionately known as EMS, this massive undertaking was close to a year in the making.  The basic layout having already been settled upon before I was brought on board, I was charged with drawing, animating, programming, and laying in the content.

Hours and hours of content!

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Selling Walt Disney World


For this training course, geared toward travel agents, I created all of the graphics and did all of the programming.  That included designing and programming the user interface elements and lots and lots of original illustrations.

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Property Orientation Training


This was the second project I ever worked on with i.d.e.a.s.  It was designed to teach new bus drivers to find their way around the sprawling WDW property and featured QTVR panoramas shot at every major intersection that allowed the bus driver to look around the intersection as they traveled on their virtual tour of the property.  I programmed and did all of the design and graphics.

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Some of the other training programs I've hand a hand in include the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the Navy's Revolution in Training, and Hire Authority's Interview Training.

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