Web Design

I know, I know, nobody does Flash websites anymore.  But it once wasn't so taboo, so I got the chance to work on a couple small sites and "minisites" and I just wanted to show off a couple design ideas.

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Walt Disney Travel Company


This was actually a series of 3 different mini-websites I created for the WDTC, highlighting their then-current travel package promotions.  The sites featured photo slideshows, audio, and video, and in one case even a simple claw-style interactive game.  Each site opened with an animation created by Disney for other banner ads, which then informed the rest of my design.

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Creative Design & Engineering


Creative Design & Engineering is an animatronics and special effects design and fabrication company.  The site uses text files to define what photos appear where in the gallery section, and what the photo captions should say.  Plain text files were used to make the site easily modifiable by the end user.

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Funny Business


Then of course, there is my own former website.

Oh, how I miss thee.

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There have been a few others, but not too many.  Mostly a lot of places I was already working with anyway...

Bob Duane

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bob at funnybusinessstudio.com